This is a travel blog that seeks to unfold the culture of travel and the treasures of the world through writing, photos, and travel guides. It is meant to inspire, inform, and help other adventurers!

I believe the path we walk is defined by each step we take. There is no right way and the way forward is not fixed. There is only discovery and moments, which turn into memories. And once you realize this, there are no limits to your path.


I live my life in pursuit of adventure and to make every moment matter.

My first trip abroad was to France with my french teacher and a couple classmates at age 16. My parents made a lot of concessions to get me there. It was that trip that travel captured my heart and that’s what I wanted to do in life, travel and adventure.

Unfortunately though, I didn’t know how to accomplish that. So not knowing how to do it and believing that life had to be lived a certain way, I decided to get my degree first, and then my master’s degree, and then I got a job…and that window to travel is getting harder to climb through.

I thought by having a degree, I would have the freedom and security to travel, and I’d be better able to support my expensive habit. I ended up with a lot of college debt, and graduating in the midst of a deep recession with no job. Add in a couple of other stupid mistakes, and things were looking bleak.

After applying and applying and applying, I finally landed a job that is allowing me to pay off my debt, create a savings, and satiate my need to travel, even if it’s only in small doses.

So here is the “in the meantime” stuff before the big trip.


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